Terra Incognita

Environment Installation

Tenderloin National Forest / San Francisco, CA
May 9, 2015



Music Event


Why can't all art shows be rap shows too? At the center of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, "Terra Incognita" evoked a mystical experience that challenged the relationships between people and the use of space.

Terra Incognita was originally used by cartographers for regions not yet discovered. In the bustling city of SF, there is a deficit in spaces for exploration and discovery. The Luggage Store’s Tenderloin National Forest was the perfect venue to reintroduce and element of play into our daily lives. This once condemned alley, was  transformed into a community garden where public art and performances now have a presence. By integrating paper installations, dynamic lighting, projections, 3D prints, the space was converted to a one night only art experience where the line of reality and the dream world is hazy.

On May 9th 2015, performer Salty Sherilyn started the night with some smooth beats as the sun was setting. All the LEDs were glowing, highlighting the paper installations as Jeffrey Yip and Robin David illuminated the forest tree with video projections.

After the sunset The Trillions made their way up front and center, as the projections create a spotlight for these hip-hop performers. Terra Incognita places a rap show and an art show out of their traditional environments, adapting both experiences into a symbiotic relationship. To round it off Chef Eman G provided a custom menu for the night in collaboration with Tootie Cakes.